Yellow is th hit in this season !!!

Yellow hit winter 2013 ? Yes! Designers was prepared for us this season, a little sun. What may seem strange, the color show in the fall and winter runways as often as red or burgundy. Yellows watched the shows at MoschinoCacharel , Hussein Chalayan and, Louis Vuitton, Blumarine, Fendi and many more !remember that there are all kinds of fashionable shades, from those approaching the neon, to the warm shades of orange. The choice is yours, and there is plenty to choose from. See my yellow proposition for winter!!!Image


Winter’s Essentials- Snow shoes

Snow’s Shoes are not only shoes for the trip to the slopes, but also help our urban styling, where on earth are tons of snow. They are fashion accessory. These are great and seemingly clumsy, but it is fun and most of all warm. And if their models also offer top worlds designers, they must be fashionable!Remember, too, that the more crazy model, the more it will fit into everything. Big’s Shoes can be worn both with jeans and leggings and even dresses. Image


Here is an extremely valuable advices, which hardly anyone knows. Top stylist clients can cover up flaws and bring out their natural beauty. I will try to provide the best advice stylists.

1. Buy high heels, or high heels . Preferably one that you like best. Stylist always talking about it.A woman in high heels always look younger and thinner. Pins forcing you upright posture, support the work of the buttocks, which gives you a killer look. If you can not walk in high heels, I recommend heel.

2. Create your perfect figure . I’m not talking about weight loss, and body modeling. In all of this will help you perfect your clothes. If for example you have wide hips to get dressed to accentuate and slim waist. To each other when choosing the dresses that highlight those places where you are most meager. If you have broad shoulders, choose a dress with a deep neckline in the shape of a V, you can also choose one that also will be cut on the back exposing a fairly deep neck. This styling will definitely lengthen and you will reduce the optical image of broad shoulders. This styling also help you straighten your posture.

3. detract from its flaws . If you do not like your legs, do not dress the color is not anything or everything that draws attention to them. Remember, with vivid and bright colors really catch the eye, which automatically in these areas will reveal your weaknesses. An example here would be wearing pants with pockets on the thighs, a mistake, especially if you have thick thighs. If you have a protruding belly is recommended to wear tops with a wide belt. Sweatshirts with high cut neckline will also be suitable.

4. Do not be afraid to wear underwear modeling. know that many people are very afraid of her.But today is different. This underwear today not reveal your flaws. The more that are much more convenient, choose those that model the perfect your figure and can be worn every day. Be sure to choose the underwear modeling, which will be very convenient for you, sometimes you have to go to a meeting, which can last 4 hours and you feel good.

Check the shops and there are no special trinkets . Want to be trendy? Show others your personality? There is nothing better than jewelry and fashion accessories. Recently very fashionable scarves. I highly recommend you check a lot of different stores. Sometimes you can also find them in stores is not necessarily just for women. Even more so, with the women’s divisions will be the little things much more expensive. Recently very fashionable leggings are much cheaper to buy already in the male department, wear a wide belt on it, and only so much you need to look fashionable. 

6. Always walk on the sales. No matter what will be fashionable next season. Black top meringue always in fashion, so go ahead and buy. Always in the winter buy a lot of things cheaper, sweaters, pants. I recommend checking

7. Follow the trends, of course, to a certain extent . You do not have to look shocking, but if you are clothes that highlight your assets do not hesitate. Clothes that you do not look fat, and you are generally like a good choice. Very trendy short skirts are now significantly rejuvenate your appearance.Remember, to always choose one that you can include. 

8. Spend money on what will always be in fashion . Do not lavish money on what will always be fashionable for years. Black pants, white shirt, black skirt and black top to the base of each cabinet. Not only are suitable for any occasion, but also highlight the strength of your body.

9th Buy always at your size . Many women commits a very basic mistake of buying clothes that are often too big number, thinking that it will enable them to hide defects. When buying clothes too big you make even more impressive because the silhouette of her body disorder. So do not hide behind miles of clothes. Do not buy anything that thickens as some hip jacket. If you are buying something that contains Lycra jeans is like choosing one that perfectly fit in your body.

Christmas Treats :)

Christmas Treats :)

Have only two hands so cant make all but LOVE all of them :*


ANKLE Bootie : )

ANKLE Bootie : )


Winter knee lengh boots

Winter knee lengh boots

I think we can’t survive winter without boots. There is huge selections of boots. here i present boots which i lovE!!!


Must have… winter jumper!!!

Must have... winter jumper!!!


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